About HELP


HELP or the Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Program

Takes place at one of the top psychiatric and addiction treatment facilities in Cape Town, South Africa.

HELP empowers patients to make changes to their dietary habits as well as working on emotional, spiritual, psychological and trauma issues that may be connected to weight gain or body issues.

As with chemical addictions, it’s not necessarily the substance that is the problem, but rather a combination of underlying psychological and biological factors that form the root cause. By treating carbohydrate and sugar abuse in the same manner, better results are achieved.

The HELP program strives to give people powerful tools to painlessly detox from sugar and processed food and reset, reboot and restore their body to health.

The HELP menu has been designed by a registered dietician, and serves to empower individuals to improve their physical health and wellbeing.

Our aim is to inspire individuals and communities to live their best lives through active lifestyles and intelligent food choices.