“The Core Beliefs of the Addictive Thought System and Self-Esteem”

The addictive thought system is built upon fear, past or future orientation, and a belief in scarcity. The addictive mind becomes bitterly entrenched in this belief system, leaving us devoid of love and serenity.

Some core beliefs are:

1. I am alone in a cruel, harsh, and unforgiving world. I am separate from everyone else.
2. The past and the future are real and need to be constantly evaluated and worried about.
3. Other people are responsible for how I feel.
4. I need something or someone outside of myself to make me complete and happy.
5. My self-esteem is based on pleasing you.
6. I can control other people’s behavior

After identifying how these core beliefs translate into our own lives we will look at how to implement beliefs of a love-based thought system.

We will be working from Lee Jampolsky’s: “Healing the Addictive Mind”

So for those of you keen on a recovery oriented Sunday the 24^th of May the schedule is as follows:

8-9: Run/Walk with Runwell Group (venue TBC)
89:30-10:30: SCAA meeting at Harmony

11-2: “The Core Beliefs of the Addictive Thought System and Self-Esteem”.
Which includes lunch, tea and coffee.

Cost for the workshop is: R200/person

If you would like to attend please make payment and mail proof to me.

Karen Visser
Acc no: 1251019267
Branch: 470010

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