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** Beat Sugar, Carbohydrate and food addiction, lose weight and start feeling fantastic!

Food addiction (specifically sugar and carbohydrate addiction) is both psychologically and physiologically driven meaning the addiction manifests in body and mind and is largely driven by the addicts inability to deal with his or her feelings.

Many addicts eat or binge due to negative emotions, the inability of the addict to deal with these emotions in a “normal” way and to try and eat their feelings away creates a dependency on a external substance to soothe and change the way the addict feels. Even though this may help for a little while, these same uncomfortable and often disturbing feelings of anger, low self-worth, resentment and more will return to haunt the addict and creates a vicious cycle of comfort eating, binge eating and over eating sometimes coupled with bulimia and periods of starvation to try and “balance” out the binge.

This in turn will lead to more negative feelings, weight gain, self-loathing and the need to comfort and soothe. As children many addicts learnt to comfort themselves with food, especially sweet foods. Most choose unhealthy junk food or “comfort food” high in calories, especially sugar.

Studies suggest the food consumed causes chemical changes in the body and produces a “high” that provides the food addict with further motivation to eat. Once the high or rush is over, food addicts often experience regret, shame and guilt. This vicious cycle will continue until abstinence, addressing of underlying issues and a daily recovery program is sought.

HELP or the Harmony Eating & Lifestyle Program provides a safe environment for food addicts to explore and address the issues related to sugar and carbohydrate addiction, weight gain, overeating, binge eating, comfort eating and health related issues. Different treatment methods are used to address addiction in body, mind and spirit.

Run in conjunction with The Harmony Addictions Group ( the program is based on the world renowned Minnesota Model of addiction treatment. Following the principles of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, HELP strives to address addiction not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.

The HELP program is intensive and requires the individual to delve deeply into past trauma, relationship to self and others and current situations and choices in order to uncover the behavioural and thought patterns, compulsions and ultimately the root of the addiction. Only once this has happened is long term recovery possible.

Clients on the HELP program follow a Low Carbohydrate, High Fat meal plan approach as pioneered in South Africa by HELP partner Prof Tim Noakes.


** 30 Day Inpatient Program at Harmony Clinic
Patients are required to live at Harmony Clinic for 30 days. We address sugar and carbohydrates as an addiction in the same way as drug addiction or alcoholism is addressed. This is a very intensive program running from 8am-10pm daily.

The program includes the following:
* Group Therapy
* One-on-one counselling
* Spiritual facilitation
* 12 step facilitation
* Meditation
* 3 x weekly training at the exclusive Velocity Sports Lab in on Hout Bay beachfront
* Weekly individual sessions with a registered dietician
* Weekly nutrition lectures
* All meals and snacks prepared and portioned

Please contact Karen for further information or to make a booking.
cell: +27 82 736 6702
email: (

** 6 Week Outpatient Program in Hout Bay
Our Outpatient program enables individuals who need to maintain their careers and family life the opportunity to empower themselves through holistic lifestyle changes. Participants meet three times a week over a 6 Week period and groups include:
* Nutrition lecture
* Individual session with Registered Dietician
* Trauma group
* 12 Step facilitation and spirituality
* Intensive Trauma weekend at Harmony Clinic
* Psychodynamic eating disorder/addiction group

All clients are assessed weekly by a Registered Dietician who sets relevant goals and Interactive nutrition lectures introduce clients to a new paradigm of intelligent food choices.

Date: 6 March – 12 April 2014
You will be required to book into Harmony Clinic for the Intensive Trauma weekend from 6-9 March.
We meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6-8:30pm as well as every Saturday morning from 10-11am at Harmony Clinic in Hout Bay.
Cost: R12 500 all inclusive


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