We are not just a weight loss program;

The Harmony Eating & Lifestyle program, or HELP as we refer to it, is the first 21-day inpatient program treating sugar and carbohydrates as an addiction using a Low Carb High Fat nutritional approach. Developed in 2012 with the help of world-renowned sport scientist and Emeritus professor, Tim Noakes, this is the first inpatient program of its kind in the world.

HELP addresses the emotional, psychological, biological and spiritual issues related to weight, obesity, body image and health through intensive therapeutic interventions and the firm belief that a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates is a way to improve health, happiness and wellbeing.

HELP is specially designed to make a lasting lifestyle change that will allow you to take back control of your health and happiness by empowering you in body, mind and spirit.

A team of experts that include a medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurses, addictions counselor, registered dietician, occupational therapist, clinical psychologist and biokineticist runs the HELP program at The Harmony Addictions Clinic in Cape Town, South Africa.

To date we have helped many people recover from their sugar addiction, lose weight and improve their health.

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